Red Penguin delivers experience-based advice and support to help our clients navigate a wide range of developmental challenges in the early stages of a submarine cable project.

Red Penguin was founded by master mariners who were (and are) veterans of myriad cable installation campaigns, with ultimate responsibility for weighing operational success against the hefty risks and challenges of the marine environment. The backbone of the company has been the real-world, practical experience and advice we bring to our clients’ construction phase projects, and the application of that expertise across the subsea cable sector.

What stands us apart from our competitors is that our advice derives not from theory, but from first-hand experience of marine cable operations, including knowledge of the working practices of the contractors who may install the final product. We bring this experience to bear in the early stages of a project, providing expert support to our clients as they navigate the concept development and front-end phases of the project. Strategy services we provide include:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Research and Development
  • Concept
  • Feasibility (FEED)
  • Validation

The benefit of an understanding of operational challenges is crucial from the outset of a submarine cable project, and should influence aspects including route development, scoping, permitting, environmental studies, engineering studies, metocean studies, burial analysis, and contracting strategy