We have experience in delivering successful submarine cable projects for the telecommunications industry and power transmission sectors. This combination of experience is worth more than the sum of its parts drawing lessons from diverse sectors to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective projects.

Our capabilities are common to all the sectors we work in and cover strategic consultancy, concept feasibility, advice and planning right through to installation, construction, engineering, technical support, management oversight and asset maintenance.

Another common advantage we deliver to all our clients, is our in-depth knowledge and experience of – and excellent working relationships with – the industry’s main contractor specialists such as those in the marine survey, cable supply, installation, burial and protection, and maintenance arenas.

In addition, our hands-on familiarity with the principal assets of the industry, such as the vessels, tools and equipment available in the market, provides added peace of mind. We hold excellent relationships with many of the industry’s leading organisations via our membership of a number of distinguished professional bodies and trade groups. It’s one of the reasons we are frequently asked to contribute to best practice guidance and cross-industry initiatives.

Cable engineers working at sea


We’ve acquired significant experience in the subsea power transmission sector in renewables, interconnectors, power from shore and domestic grids having provided technical input for the planning, engineering, installation and maintenance of over 10,000 km of HV cable.

We have provided and continue to provide strategic and technical support, marine management and advice to many of the leading Transmission System Operators (TSOs) across Europe. Our customers also include private developers, investors, insurers and counsel involved in privately owned transmission projects, and offshore renewable energy developments. Consequently, our experience extends across regional transmission systems to marine renewable energy developments, for wind, wave and tidal projects.

Our involvement covers all phases of a submarine cable project from concept and feasibility, through construction management and oversight, to operations and management of installed systems. We also work with existing marine asset owners on maintenance and repair preparedness planning. Working throughout an asset’s life gives us a holistic view on the key risks to a project.

Red Penguin maintains a comprehensive and up to date understanding of cable manufacturing and design, suppliers and installation contractors worldwide and we use this knowledge to provide technical support for commercial and procurement matters.

We are familiar with the main contractors in the marine survey, cable supply, installation, burial and protection, and maintenance areas of industry. We aren’t just familiar with the companies and their reputations but we have worked on the principal vessels and with the main burial tools in the market. This comprehensive understanding of the sector ensures a high level of hands on experience upon which our advice is based.

The company maintains excellent relations with many of the collaborative organisations across the industry and is a member of, or representative on, several trade groups and distinguished bodies.  We frequently contribute to best practice guidance and to cross industry initiatives and innovations.


Our submarine cabling experience in the telecommunications sector – particularly that of the senior management team here at Red Penguin – goes back decades.

For example, our senior personnel played leading roles in the design, development and installation of the 28,000 km FLAG project between the UK and Japan via the Middle East and Asia during the 1990s. Connecting 14 countries, this was a major milestone for the global submarine telecommunications cable network and the industry. What’s more, the original parts of the system have an impressively low fault rate, evidencing the robust protection strategy and system our people helped design and deploy.

Since then we have been involved in the procurement, design and specification of the numerous telecommunication and power cable systems currently in operation, with several more significant projects currently in the planning phase. Indeed, we are now tackling the decommissioning and recovery of major cables, some of which we helped install.

Since the early 2000’s we’ve developed and diversified into other sectors where our experience and expertise in the planning and construction of telecommunications submarine cables has provided significant dividends for our clients in the offshore oil and gas, and power industries.

The cross-fertilisation of innovations, techniques and methodologies we foster between the sectors we work in has benefitted all our clients, and suppliers, across the maritime arena. It has also enabled us to remain at the forefront of industry best practice, particularly in our application of risk management across marine projects.

Our experience and expertise in the industry perfectly positions us to advise on, and support you in a wide range of submarine cable projects pre, during and post installation, especially for our asset management capability during the O&M phase.

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