It’s the work we undertake before you begin your project that helps to deliver a successful end result.

In short, due diligence is vital in the subsea sector where challenges and complexities can remain hidden, causing disruption and unnecessary risk. Our thorough advisory and guidance services enable you to understand these risks, to gain insight into questions you didn’t know to ask, offer project assurance and provide a greater chance of success.

We can enable you to complete the necessary due diligence without drawing time, attention or capital away from core objectives.

By employing a chronological basis for the due diligence review plan, the risk focussed thread will prioritise higher risks at the earliest stage of the review, no matter what stage of development your project is at. Findings are then collated into the plan as the process proceeds, allowing us to cross-reference where necessary and to provide the basis of the final report.

In the last few years, our services have extended into providing insurers with expert, experienced guidance and support, principally in the role of marine warranty surveyor but also as advisers and consultants. As a result, we’ve gained invaluable insight into the workings of an extensive range of project management processes, operational methodologies and procedures and the choice of equipment used by various contractors. Crucially, we’ve gained first-hand knowledge and experience of situations that could have been better managed or undertaken more expeditiously.

We now bring all that invaluable knowledge and experience to bear the benefit of all of our clients.

Red Penguin’s role as owners engineer for major submarine cable projects typically involves management of all marine affairs, oversight of the client’s contractors’ installation operations and management and the technical surveillance of all safety, environmental, quality and technical issues. It is our philosophy that the provision of offshore representation and HSE management is integrated with the project management team.  Red Penguin has extensive and demonstrable experience of working with all the main contractors in the cable supply, cable burial and protection, and repair areas of industry and is familiar with the principal tools and in the vessels in the market. The company maintains excellent relations with many of the organisations across the industry.

In recent years Red Penguin has provided a range of professional services for matters such as distressed project recovery, strategic review and support, incident and accident investigation, technical expert in in claims and dispute resolution and as expert witness.

Our Professional Services Partner

Providing the insurance market with risk control services for subsea cables

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