Helping to connect the world by supporting informed decision making, managing risk, improving outcomes and guiding your project towards success

Red Penguin plays a significant role in the international critical power transmission and telecommunications industries. As a leading and independent multidisciplinary marine and cable-engineering consultancy, we deliver the comprehensive expertise, management solutions and strategic advice necessary to support the submarine cable sector and its wider market.

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Reassurance in depth

The largely unexplored ocean depths, the dynamic maritime environment and the complex engineering involved, present many challenges to the safe development, construction and maintenance of subsea infrastructure, across the globe and often under demanding conditions. Red Penguin’s extensive hands-on experience identifies and mitigates the risks associated with the development and management of subsea infrastructure, and the control of operational risk. This helps you to manage uncertainty to protect your investments.

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Our people deliver the difference

With decades of maritime and subsea cable experience to call upon, our highly professional specialists add value to your team. We will work with you to define the support you require to achieve your objectives, to provide access to the skills and experience at the right time and for as long as you need it. We have a bespoke team of relevant subject matter experts ready to support your project, providing a value resource and enabling you to make informed decisions.

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Red Penguin Marine is an international group of companies working together to provide subsea cable engineering and marine consulting services.