Helping to connect the world

Today, over 400 submarine communication cables around the world – totaling 1.1 million kms in length – carry 99% of all global data at up to 160 terabits a second across some of the most challenging environments on earth. In addition, a growing number of HVDC power cables (currently about 8,000 kms and counting) lay in shallower waters, mainly close to land presenting their own unique challenges.

The team at Red Penguin plays a significant role in the internationally critical communications and power industries. As a leading and independent multidisciplinary marine and cable-engineering consultancy, we deliver the comprehensive expertise, management solutions and advisory support the submarine cable sector and its wider market needs.

Reassurance in depth

Across the world of subsea deployment, challenges and complexities can remain hidden, causing disruption and unnecessary risk which waste time and budget.

But with our extensive, practical and proven expertise and experience – right from early concept development through the design, planning and engineering phases – we can provide you with the advice, guidance and insight necessary for effective risk management and informed decision-making.

This helps you to mitigate the various uncertainties and costs inherent in major marine projects. In this way, we enable you to protect your investments, reassured that your project will be delivered in a smooth, safe, high quality and successful way, to time and budget.

Our people deliver the difference

With decades of hands on, subsea cable experience to call upon, our thorough, comprehensive, specialist and undiluted cross-industry team of professionals ensure we set the standard that sets us apart.

Whether working closely with you as consultants, advisors or an extension of your team, we deliver services that promote the understanding, management and mitigation of diverse, varied and obscured risks and costs by leveraging that insight to empower you to make strategic, informed decisions.

Red Penguin Marine is an international group of companies working together to provide subsea cable engineering and marine consulting services.