Once you’ve made the decision to proceed and build, our planning  capabilities prove their worth.

A DTS is prerequisite before a detailed submarine cable route survey and the associated construction activities begin.

It forms the basis of the design and engineering of the marine system, providing sufficient detail for owners to understand the related costs, risks and schedule of installation. It will also assist contractors in designing the most appropriate techniques for engineering the project.

The DTS (and the subsequent marine route survey) will identify the safest and most technically viable and regulatory or geo-politically acceptable route for use in the engineering, construction, installation and subsequent operational life of the submarine cable, taking into account the potential requirement for future maintenance.

We regularly advise on, and provide expert input to, a significant number of marine surveys including the drafting of specifications for geotechnical, geophysical and metocean surveys, as well as sampling and investigation operations to inform route engineering and development.

Because of our experience in cable route survey operations for route development, we believe that our integrated approach with seasoned industry professionals provides the optimum in cable route engineering oversight.

Planning Partner

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