Once you’ve made the decision to proceed and build, our planning capabilities prove their worth.

Building on the desktop studies that will have formed part of the FEED, we prepare and undertake in-field surveys and studies. We have assisted in the procurement and quality delivery of numerous seabed surveys and are familiar with all the major players in the market as well as the most up-to-date equipment and techniques. Once the survey is underway, we specialise in providing onboard quality control and route engineering services, fully appreciating the work to follow. Combined, these services are crucial for taking a project to construction.

We undertake cable burial risk assessments blending our experience with established industry standards. Our approach builds on a protection philosophy and produces an executable design that combines protection with cost effective installation based on the actual risk in situ.

We also provide support and advice on procurement, preparing tender documents, managing clarifications, and reviewing and critiquing contractors’ submissions. We focus on identifying key technical risks to the project contained within the tender and evaluating proposed mitigations. We have worked onboard almost all current cable ships and with most burial tools. This hands-on experience is crucial in properly evaluating the proposals of contractors.

Planning Partner

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