The Adélie penguin thrives in one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth – the Antarctic – making it expert in extreme and challenging environments.


By their very nature, subsea cable projects are complex, costly and challenging. That’s why we try our best to provide simplicity and clarity whenever we can.

Every project we undertake also has quality and safety designed and built-in via our systematic approach and from the very earliest stages right through the project’s lifecycle to successful completion.

Another key part of our ethos is be curious and question, because that’s how we best benefit our clients and the sector with the fresh thinking, initiatives and innovations that drive improvement.

We believe planning ashore, in depth and in detail, is absolutely critical to a project’s success. We prefer to do it properly, rather than doing it twice. That means ‘sweating the small stuff’ because it rapidly becomes expensive to right wrongs at sea.


The old adage ‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ describes our core philosophy perfectly.

We have an extensive group of highly experienced and specialist industry professionals whose skills combine to provide an unrivalled centre of excellence for our clients and the submarine cable industry.

Our people deliver the difference


Our objective is to provide the independent and expert advice that enables properly informed decisions to be made in order to reduce risk during maritime operations and provide a sound basis for a secure subsea cable system for its design life.

In providing this impartial advice, which is largely based on the lessons we’ve learned during decades of hard-earned maritime industry experience, we’re determined to pass our knowledge on to the next generation, enabling their personal development and reducing the risk of repeating past failings.

We aim to be a best in class consultancy, working in partnership with our clients to provide unrivalled support services and augment their teams, while also being the go-to business for solving the sector’s most challenging problems and to be at the forefront of applied technology in the subsea cables business.

Red Penguin Marine is an international group of companies working together to provide subsea cable engineering and marine consulting services.