Are you a Penguin?

As a Penguin, you find yourself at home in challenging situations; bringing your adaptability and resilience to the forefront. Join us in our mission to pioneer sustainable solutions and make waves in these vital industries.


We believe that in facing and overcoming challenges that true growth and innovation occur.


We prize team members who can flexibly navigate changing landscapes, seize opportunities, and solve problems with ease.


We admire individuals who can bounce back from setbacks, remaining steadfast in the face of adversity.

Ready to stand out
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At Red Penguin, we're not just another consulting firm. We're a team where excellence, integrity, and collaboration support a fulfilling professional journey in an inspiring industry.

Salv - Red Penguin Marine employee

Salvador Jimenez-Sanchez
Deputy Operations Manager

"Red Penguin came highly recommended by a fellow course mate who had completed her placement year with the company. Since joining, I've dived headfirst into the world of submarine cables, immersing myself in every aspect of the subsea industry. From honing my project management skills to venturing offshore to oversee numerous Marine Surveys and serving as an Offshore Client Representative for Power and Telecom transmission operations, it's been an exhilarating journey. The diversity of opportunities in the subsea cable industry is truly remarkable, and I wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone seeking a dynamic and rewarding career path".

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Ellie - Red Penguin Marine employee

Ellie Skinner
Bid Assistant

Ellie embarked on her journey with Red Penguin, as an undergraduate, completing a year in industry. Red Penguin immediately caught her eye due to the range of experience they were prepared to offer. After completing her degree, she rejoined the company as a Bid Assistant, demonstrating her dedication to growth and development within the organisation. Her journey from student to integral team member showcases the nurturing environment Red Penguin provides for young professionals, fostering lifelong connections and opportunities for career advancement.

Find out more about Ellie's year in industry here.

Francesca - Red Penguin Marine employee

Francesca Russo
Project Engineer / GIS Specialist

Francesca joined Red Penguin in 2015 as a Project Engineer and GIS Specialist following diverse work experience across Italy, Singapore, and the UK. Joining Red Penguin afforded her the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained during her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, complemented by extensive field, offshore, and laboratory experiences. Francesca has worked on a wide range of submarine cable projects in various stages of development from feasibility to construction bringing a methodical and precise approach to all her work. Fulfilling roles as both project engineer and tender/bid writer, she has collaborated globally on some of the most complex telecommunications cables, and HVDC interconnector projects of the past 10 years. After 9 years with Red Penguin, Francesca is a valuable member of our submarine cable team and continues to support the Company on our journey through this very interesting and challenging engineering sector.

Current Vacancies

While we currently have no vacancies, if you believe you have the qualities to thrive in challenging environments, akin to a penguin, we welcome you to submit your CV for future opportunities.