Red Penguin prides itself on delivering experienced based advice and support to assist clients across the full range of matters relating to submarine cables.

Red Penguin’s multidisciplinary expertise may be applied to a range of issues associated with marine operations such as project and vessel audits, incident investigations, problem solving and technical support to commercial, legal and insurance teams.

Many of our senior personnel have in excess of 30 years of relevant experience in senior positions across a range of subsea cable related issues. Encompassing shallow water, coastal and continental shelf areas and the special challenges of deep sea cable work, gives Red Penguin a unique experience profile in the marine consultancy market.

In recent years Red Penguin has provided a range of expert services for matters such as distressed project recovery, strategic review and support, incident and accident investigation, technical expert in claims and dispute resolution, and as expert witness. We frequently undertake peer review work and independent assessments for industry leaders.

We have advised regulators, government authorities and industry bodies in the development of best practice guidance.