Subsea Environmental Services and Red Penguin Associates (advisors) formally announce they have been awarded the contract to decommission the TAT-14 telecommunications cable system. The Project Scope includes removal and recycling of shore-ends in the US, UK, France, Denmark and The Netherlands as well as the deep-water segments in the North Atlantic.

The Planning Phase of the Project has been underway for almost a year beginning with a comprehensive desktop Decommissioning Study and has addressed the interests of multiple Stakeholders with regard to permitting, environmental impact, GIS / database analysis, review of as-builts, crossings and proximity considerations of third-party assets across various international boundaries and jurisdictions.

The Operations Phase commenced last week with the planned recovery of shore-ends in Denmark and The Netherlands.  Completion of all in-shore works is anticipated by year-end 2021. As recovery of these segments progresses over the upcoming months, real-time oversight will be critical to ensure prompt risk identification, analysis and implementation of any necessary mitigation while keeping operations to a tight project schedule.

John Theodoracopulos, (Subsea MD) commented:  ‘the scope of this project presents an exciting opportunity for all Stakeholders to participate in the notable benefits associated with the decommissioning of TAT-14. Red Penguin have been an excellent partner and we look forward to continuing to work closely together.

Matt Bowden (Red Penguin GM) added: ‘as specialists in managing risk across diverse, complex submarine cable projects, Red Penguin is delighted to be working with Subsea on the decommissioning of TAT-14 and see it as a signpost for future cable recovery.’

For more information please contact; 

Subsea – John Theodoracopulos

Red Penguin – Heather Wells (Marketing and Business Development Officer)

Subsea Environmental Services specializes in the recovery and recycling of retired submarine cables.