Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2 (IFA2)

The UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy indicates there is potential growth of at least 9.5 GW of new electricity interconnector capacity by the mid-2020s. Covering 240km between Portsmouth and Normandy the IFA2 project was established to connect the electricity systems of the UK and France to provide diverse electricity sources to keep supplies secure and affordable.

Red Penguin were engaged to assist with delivery of this interconnector’s construction phase through provision of an Employer Offshore Representative Coordinator (EORC) delivering operations management support services, and Employer Offshore Representatives (EOR) who were engaged and managed by the EORC. These reputable and qualified EOR were responsible for monitoring and following the offshore works performed by the EPC Cable Contractor, and to represent and act on behalf of IFA2 SAS.

Red Penguin had up to eight EORs working on the project at any time carrying out tasks that included monitoring and reporting on operations, ensuring operations were conducted safely and according to approved procedures, and compiling detailed reports and updates.

Despite challenges with the weather late in the programme, sound operations management ensured 204km of HVDC cable was installed within a year as planned. The project ran safely, to budget and completed successfully. The IFA2 interconnector is now undergoing testing and is expected to be live by the end of the year, offering a more sustainable and efficient power option for both the UK and France.