“Interconnector” – a term now widely understood within and beyond the industry, encapsulates a pivotal component of the ongoing #energytransition. It’s a testament to progress that almost every year witnesses the energisation and commissioning of a new HVDC system, each surpassing its predecessors in both length and capacity. Amidst this seemingly routine advancement, it’s crucial to appreciate the evolving technology, equipment, ships, and knowledge that propel these projects forward.

These mega-projects, though pervasive, are truly extraordinary feats of engineering. The years of dedication and expertise invested in their development, construction, and operation often remain concealed, much like the intricate cables beneath the seabed that power the energy transition.


Acknowledging the recent milestone achieved by our colleagues, that is our clients, their contractors and ours, and to thank the whole Red Penguin Marine team, onshore and off, Chris Sturgeon extended his appreciation. Our 12th HVDC system marks the third record-breaking interconnector construction project where we provided marine assurance, technical surveillance, and expert advice. This underscores our commitment to representing our clients’ interests throughout marine operations.

As we embark on the next six projects of this magnitude, already in progress, we eagerly anticipate leveraging our hard-won experience to ensure continued success in this highly specialized sector of the subsea cable industry. Together, we navigate the complexities of the evolving energy landscape, contributing to a sustainable and interconnected future.

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