Basslink Pty Ltd (BPL) has contracted with global subsea cable specialists Red Penguin to provide offshore repair management services.  This support services contract will further enhance the skills and expertise Basslink’s in-house specialists already have in the offshore energy sector.

Through its asset management system, Basslink seeks to achieve an overall level of asset management performance appropriate to the nature and scale of the organisation, its assets, and operations. Basslink’s current Asset Management Policy can be found here. The Red Penguin team will work alongside Basslink to provide services including the provision of repair project management and offshore support in the event of an outage requiring a subsea cable system repair, together with other technical support, on a call-off basis.

The Basslink Interconnector connects the Tasmanian high voltage transmission network at George Town substation with the Victorian high voltage transmission network at Loy Yang substation and includes fibre optic assets which carry high speed telecommunication traffic. Bass Strait is a complex body of water with highly variable and frequently difficult sea conditions related to the metocean characteristics of the region. The remote location of the Basslink system in the context of global energy operations and industry activity is significant in considering the timely response necessary to mobilise repair capability and support in the event of a system outage.

Chris Sturgeon, CEO of Red Penguin commented “We are delighted to have been selected to support Basslink in this role. While we would not wish Basslink to have any requirement to call us, in the event they do we are confident in our ability to support the Basslink team with our long experience in HVDC cable repair management.”

Malcolm Eccles, Managing Director & CEO of Basslink commented “By retaining Red Penguin services to respond in the event of a subsea outage, we can be assured of access to a team equipped to support and strengthen Basslink’s already highly experienced team. Red Penguin’s reputation has recently been reinforced after their expert advice and management of repairs to HVDC cables in Europe in 2021.While we hope their repair services will never be required, knowing we have ready access to a world class team of experts does provide some additional peace of mind.”