Red Penguin Marine is an international group of companies working together to provide expert subsea cable engineering and marine consulting services.

For over a Century the fundamental principles of cable work have been evolving.  From sail and sextant to today’s modern capabilities and technologies, Red Penguin draws upon our heritage, skills, and knowledge, understanding the huge difference between office theory and the reality at sea.

At the very heart of Red Penguin Marine are “our people and our processes.” We have an extensive group of highly experienced and specialist industry professionals whose skills combine to provide an unrivalled centre of excellence for our clients across the global submarine cable sector. This level of expertise does not develop overnight, rather it arises from decades of subsea cable experience at sea and across the industry.

Red Penguin’s evolving tried and tested processes have matured in line with our learning and development resulting in a management system with consistency and quality at its core. Strong, sustainable, and curious, we challenge our own and others’ perceptions and reasoning to pursue deeper understanding, promote innovative thought, and avoid repetitive processes or robotic attitudes.

As a practical example, marine and terrestrial permitting of submarine cables increasingly features on the critical path of installation project plans. Red Penguin Marine’s core team are engaged daily with permitting/licencing authorities and regulators around the world, to manage our clients’ permit acquisition requirements, successfully navigating the frequent barriers and delays that can completely disrupt a project’s timeline.

When we plan the most appropriate route for cables, we leverage data science to construct the most efficient, resilient, and frankly sensible corridors to achieve a cable system’s project goals. Key to this is consideration of the practical corridor implications from an engineering, installation, and operations/maintenance perspective. No matter how detailed it is, a chart of an ill-conceived or inefficient route, however short, will not get a cable system through installation and to operation on time or on budget. It may also have implications during the operational phase of the cable systems lifecycle – beware of the direct but, in reality, more scenic tour!

A project plan is essential to manage time, activity, and cost, but that plan must be appropriate to the cable system, considered, resilient, and with risk factors addressed to assure a cable owner’s desired outcome – a successful, timely and economically viable submarine cable system.

At Red Penguin we are extremely passionate about our work and rightly proud of the reputation we have for high standards, risk management, and our objective and reliable guidance. Our expertise and planning support timely, economic project delivery, to the highest standards.

Trust Red Penguin’s expertise and planning to minimise your subsea cables’ risks!